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Bourbon Trucking, LLC has been transporting commodities and goods across the central plains since 1997.  We specialize in transporting bulk commodity goods in addition to a wide range of equipment and materials. 

The benefit to our central location is that we are able to serve a wide range of producers and manufacturers that produce value-added byproducts, which are used in other industries.  Bourbon Trucking, LLC specializes in ensuring loads are delivered in a timely manner and as cost efficiently as possible.

Please contact us at or call 785-428-3030 ext. 108 for all your transportation needs.

Interested in becoming a driver for Bourbon Trucking, LLC? Please visit our Employment page and fill out an application.

Bourbon Trucking, LLC
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864 Hwy 14
Jewell, KS 66949
Phone: 785.428.3030
Fax: 785.428.3031