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Located in Jewell, Kansas, Bourbon Repair offers the ability to service almost any type of over-the-road vehicle.  This includes general services such as fluid changes and tire replacement, as well as more specific maintenance and repair needs to your truck or trailer.  Bourbon utilizes a 100 foot service pit -- one of the longest in Kansas -- to efficiently complete all services and repairs on their fleet and yours.

Bourbon utilizes a 100 foot service pit -- one of the longest in the state of Kansas.
Bourbon also has established relationships with distributors in the region for all of your parts needs for your trucks and trailers.  If they don't have it in stock, they can order it for you. 

Please contact us at or call 785-428-3030 for all your parts and service needs.

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Customer Quotes

"If you want a trailer that you can depend on in the harvest field and will still look good at the end of the day, Bourbon’s got it.”

Jason Crockett
Crockett Farm

Bourbon Trucking                                               Bourbon Trailers
      864 Hwy 14                                            313 S. Washington
Jewell, KS 66949                                           Jewell, KS 66949
Phone: 785.428.3030                                     Phone: 785.428.3133
 Fax: 785.428.3031                                         Fax: 785.428.3132