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 Bourbon Steel Pup Trailer: Small on size, big on features 

Utilizing years of experience pulling and manufacturing doubles trailers, Bourbon offers a steel pup trailer that has no rival in the industry.  Bourbon's 20-foot steel pup trailer has a built-in turntable and a fixed front axle with ABS and fenders.  The standard tongue length is 7'-4", although the length can be customized.  The steel pup is loaded with all the same base model features as other Bourbon Trailers.

 Build your A-Train with Bourbon's steel pup 

The Bourbon 20-ft steel pup trailer is perfect as a rear trailer in the A-Train configuration.  A 40-ft Bourbon lead trailer with a pintle hook and a 20-ft Bourbon pup trailer with a standard tongue is just shy of 68-ft in total length - the maximum length for the A-Train configuration in the northwestern United States.  Every Bourbon Trailer with a pintle hook has a reinforced bumper to provide the strength needed to pull a fully-loaded trailer.

A-Train: 40-ft lead trailer with 20-ft pup
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Customer Quotes

"If you want a trailer that you can depend on in the harvest field and will still look good at the end of the day, Bourbon’s got it.”

Jason Crockett
Crockett Farm

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