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 Why Bourbon Pup Trailers? 
Bourbon 600 Series Grain Trailers

Bourbon Trucking began using pup trailers to maximize their load capacity.  Bourbon realized the axle spacing provided the ability to haul an extra 5,500 lbs of material through Kansas and Nebraska, having a significant impact on the bottom line.  While searching for additional trailers to expand its own fleet, the company realized that it was difficult to locate these trailers in good condition.  As a result, Bourbon Trailers was founded to design and manufacture a new line of pup trailers that would benefit its own operations as well as others.  Bourbon’s updated designs account for the problems encountered with previous trailers and enable transporters to maximize loads for each trip.

Additionally, Bourbon Pup Trailers offer additional benefits:

  • Re-designed hopper - The Bourbon Pups' hoppers have no 90-degree angles and no weld seams in the corners.  These features increase strength and eliminate sharp corners where product can get lodged while unloading.  For more information on the quality of Bourbon's hoppers, click here
  • Improved maneuverability – Bourbon Pups offer a significantly enhanced turning radius, enabling access to more locations and time savings while transporting product in urban areas.
  • Configuration flexibility – Bourbon Pups can be towed in tandem or single pups can be towed with straight trucks or as a single trailer.

"The business was started with pup trailers. We found that the difference in the pay weight improved profit margin and added maneuverability in the grain business. After finding weaknesses with the current trailers available, we've developed larger, stronger and more efficient trailers with reduced maintenance costs and increased trailer life. The newly designed Bourbon Trailers are increasing the profits for our trucking business, and will do the same for you."

LeRoy Bourbon
Founder, Bourbon Trucking

Video Library

Groundload Videos:

Grain Trailer Videos:

Customer Quotes

"If you want a trailer that you can depend on in the harvest field and will still look good at the end of the day, Bourbon’s got it.”

Jason Crockett
Crockett Farm

Bourbon Trailers was featured in the NCRPC October/November 2011 newsletter.  Click the link above to read the article.

Bourbon Trucking & Trailers was featured in K-State's daily news stories in January 2012.  Click the link above to read the article.

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