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 Bourbon Steel Groundload Trailers 

Bourbon Trailers set a new quality standard for the steel groundload trailer.  The Bourbon steel groundload measures 102" wide to maximize your capacity, and vary in length from 32 to 53 feet.  Just like every other Bourbon trailer, the steel groundload trailer is loaded with standard features, including interchangeable gates with slam latches, large LED interior lights on the driver side, Rumber flooring and more.  This trailer is completely customizable with different gate options, gate locations and hinge placement, and more.  Check out the buttons on the sidebar to learn more.

Bourbon 48-ft steel groundload trailer
 Bourbon Groundload Trailer in Action 

The video belows shows how easily cattle move in and out of a 48-foot Bourbon Groundload trailer.  The positioning of the gates allows the stock producer to stay safe at all times and the Rumber floor reduces hoof noise.

One of the unique features of the Bourbon Groundload is the option to choose which side of the trailer you hinge your gates.  As seen in the video below, Kent Jensby of Jensby Truck & Trailer Sales demonstrates the benefits of having the gates hinged on opposite walls.  Note:  Kent is 6'3", so you can see the ceiling and gate clearance in the trailer interior.  

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Customer Quotes

"If you want a trailer that you can depend on in the harvest field and will still look good at the end of the day, Bourbon’s got it.”

Jason Crockett
Crockett Farm

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